IOP- Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Therapy for Eating Disorders (IOP)
To facilitate the recovery of clients returning from inpatient or residential programs, we offer three hours of intensive outpatient treatment  2, 3, or 4 nights during the week.We have separate programs available for teens and adults. Teen IOP meets Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings between 5-8 pm. Adult IOP (18+) meets Wednesday and Thursday evenings between 5-8pm.

We believe that the best treatment plans are unique to the patients personal needs, strengths, and interests. In addition to  scheduled IOP programs between 5-8 pm Monday – Thursday, clients will develop an individualized IOP program with their primary therapist.
Following an initial assessment, your primary therapist may recommend additional groups, medical, or nutritional sessions. Options include:
  • weekly or bi-weekly individual therapy
  • family therapy
  • weekly or bi-weekly sessions with our dietitians
  • medical evaluation with Dr. Weaver, MD
  • psychiatric assessment options with Dr. Foster
  • clinical pharmacology management with Dr. Weaver, MD
Prosperity is a warm, therapeutic, and friendly environment, where we strive to provide effective and efficient treatment by highly trained providers with extensive experience treating eating disorders.
Current cost of a full night of IOP is $120/evening or $40/hr. We look forward to accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and other insurances in late Spring 2014.
For more information about our IOP program, please contact 703-466-5150 or (703) 466-5000, or email Prosperity at

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