IOP Groups

Group Therapies at Prosperity
 Free Family Support Icon
Free Family Support Group: 

Join other parents, siblings, children, and spouses supporting the recovery of a loved one with ED. This hour long session encourages the sharing of information and emotional support among participants. You and your loved one do not need to be a participant of our treatment program to attend family support group. 
Teen CBTDBT Group iconTeen CBT/DBT Group: 
Tackle your negative thinking, emotions, and behaviors with this supportive, educational group. Practice emotional regulation and stress tolerance with other teens, and learn how useful acceptance skills and mindfulness can help you reach your recovery goals. 
Body Image Group iconBody Image and Self Esteem Group: 
Rebuild and/or bolster your self-esteem in this educational and supportive group. Many factors can break down our sense of self-worth, including distorted body representations of the media, bullying, abuse, or simply negative self-talk. At Body Image and Self Esteem Group, learn the skills to promote your self-confidence and positive self-image in a supportive group environment. 
Art Therapy IconArt Therapy Group: 

Led by our upbeat Art Therapist Heidi, Art Therapy Group promotes your non-verbal expression of creativity, insight and emotion. Heidi specializes in using art and other expressive techniques to develop ‘right brain’ thinking, offering a uniquely experiential and supportive group. 

Empowered Relationships IconEmpowered Relationships Group: 
Eating Disorders create rifts in all types of relationships, including professional, social, and familial relationships. This group helps you repair damaged relationships through useful communication techniques, practice creating healthy personal and social boundaries, as well as identifying positive and negative aspects of past, present, and future relationships. 
Anxiety group iconAnxiety Group: 
Our Adult and Teen Anxiety group focuses on developing your understanding of where your anxiety comes from, and  how to reduce and manage anxiety. You’ll even learn some methods to make your anxious feelings  improve your well-being, instead of cause you stress! 
BED group iconBinge Eating Disorder Group: 
Binge Eating disorder can be overwhelming and shameful. In our Binge Eating Disorder Group, we foster an encouraging environment to teach the skills, methods, tricks and share the tips of overcoming Binge Eating Disorder. 
ANAD group Icon
Free ANAD Group: 
ANAD advocates the development of healthy attitudes, bodies, and behaviors. Emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance, self-care, advocacy and awareness of healthy and unhealthy stigmas, our Free ANAD Support Group is a powerful tool in your recovery from Anorexia Nervosa.  
Meal Support IconMeal Support Group: 
Breaking old habits can be challenging. Meal Support Group offers a safe, supportive and fun environment eating dinner with other clients and a Prosperity Dietician. This group is a great oppportunity to recieve support, accountability, and guidance when having and completing nutritionous meals. Bring your own balanced meal Monday – Wednesday; on Thursday evening, Prosperity caters from a nearby resutrant! 

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