Equine Therapy

 Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Why Horses

Animals, particularly horses have been long considered to have a beneficial impact on people’s emotional well-being (see Heart to heart article below). When you interact with horses, you have the opportunity to establish a relationship and everything it entails, including trust, respect, authenticity and effective communication patterns. Because of the experiential nature of this approach, issues such asanxiety, relational disconnections, and coping with triggers can be addressed in the interaction with horses, in the moment.
What you can expect from our sessions?
Horses live in the moment, thus teaching us to be aware, mindful, and to reconnect with ourselves and our bodies. This experience may range from learning to regulate our breathing with the horses, to sensory experiences, and being able to experience life and mutual relationships mindfully and authentically.
Horses can guide us on a journey to rediscovering our joy, our feelings and expressiveness and reconnect with our healthier selves.
 Dr. Ioana Boie, Ph.D, LPC, NCC
Who should you expect to meet?
I am passionate about facilitating my clients’ recovery from life’s challenges, particularly eating disorders. I take an experiential approach, focused on relationships, mindfulness, and self-discovery. I collaborate with my co-therapists, the horses in the Spirit herd. My approaches and training include Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (Natural Lifemanship) & Gestalt Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Relational Cultural Therapy. I believe that your relationship with the horses will also help you deepen your relationship with yourself, not only in recovery, but beyond. I am also an assistant professor teaching graduate courses in counseling at Marymount University in Arlington, VA.
Prosperity works in partnership with the herd at the
SPIRIT Open Equestrian Program. Davorka “Dada” Suvak is the Founder/Executive and Program Director of SPIRIT. She is a NARHA Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor and FEI Riding Instructor. Prosperity is proud that a percentage of proceeds from sessions on site will go towards supporting the Spirit Open Equestrian Program.
The herd consists of twelve wonderful horses, each with their unique personalities and life experiences, just like you. Meet Sky (left) and Cece (right). All the horses have been chosen based on their abilities to work with people and are part of the SPIRIT therapeutic riding program.
Are you ready for your journey to begin?
Contact Ioana to schedule an appointment today:
Check out our new Women’s Group

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