Our Services

Prosperity’s program is designed to meet your individual needs. Whether an intensive multi-day program is your goal, or a once-a-month visit, we can help.  Here are the services we provide by our professionals who work together as a team:
  • Individual Therapy:
Our clinicians offer one-on-one sessions as needed for your level of care. With a strong focus on evidence-based practices, our clinicians are all trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Individual therapists also utilize psychodynamic theory, family systems therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Play Therapy, Psycho-drama Therapy, and Gestalt Equine-Assisted Therapy.
  • Medical Evaluation and Follow-up Care:

Medical Care is critical to combating the deadly affects Eating Disorders have on every part of the body, from blood to brain. Our board certified physician specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, weight disorders, anxiety and mood disorders. More than just a Family Physician, Dr. Weaver’s uses her extensive and specialized knowledge to help each patient understand how their eating impacts their individual body. Her services include integrative medicine, clinical pharmacology, EKGs, and lab analysis.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program:

Designed as an alternative to costly hospitalization, or as a step-down program for those returning from inpatient and residential programs, our IOP program meets 2,3, or 4 days a week between 5-8pm. Read More about our IOP program HERE.

  • Family Therapy:

Family therapy works to enhance communication and understanding within the family. Family therapy has proven especially successful in the treatment of eating disorders. Each family member has the opportunity to voice their opinions, share their feelings and thoughts. Under the guidance of our exceptional family therapists, families are able to practice the skills necessary for effective communication, cohesion, and successful recovery. Our therapists specialize in offering Family Based Therapy (FBT) method and Maudsley Method.

  • Group Therapy:

An integral part of what we offer at Prosperity, our groups are structured to build healthy boundaries and relationship skills. Therapists foster collaborative, safe group environments to discuss your wants, needs, and challenges with others facing similar difficulties. Together, group members practice their therapeutic skills, supporting each other throughout the process. Our groups offer access to all the services you need at a much reduced rate. We suggest coming to our group therapy sessions as a way to keep your expenses low but your level of care high.

  • Psychoeducational Testing and Assessment:We offer psychoeducational assessment services to children ages 6 to 16 and psychological evaluation services for adolescents and adults.  This comprehensive assessment is offered to families with children, adolescents, and adults who are experiencing difficulties at school or home. Our psychoeducational assessment evaluates the following areas:
  •      Intellectual functioning
  •      Learning process (e.g., visual vs. auditory learning)
  •      Memory skills
  •      Visual-motor integration
  •      Behavioral functioning
  •      ADHD screening
  •      Anxiety and/or depression screening
  •      Self-concept
  •      Parent-child relationship
  •      Social and emotional difficulties
  •  Personality functioning

Nutrition Counseling: 

What you are eating, when, and how muchare critical components of your medical and psychological care. Our Registered Dietitians promote client’s self-education, fostering understanding about importance of food for our bodies and brains. Dietitians also coach clients in various methods to overcome obstacles of healthy nourishment when battling an Eating Disorder. If appropriate, Dietitians and clients create a personalized meal plan, designed to repair, rebuild and restore client’s bodies and minds. Most important, Dietitians work with patents to reach an honest understanding of current food intake and emotional associates with foods- one of the most important steps in finding recovering.

  • Meal Support: Monday-Thursday @ 6pm
Part of our IOP program, all clients are welcome to attend Meal Support Groups. Offered Monday-Thursday at 6pm, Meal Support is an opportunity to enjoy a brown-bag or catered meal with other patients battling eating disorders. One of our Dietitians is always ready to welcome you to Meal Support, located at the ‘family dinner table’ in Prosperity’s cozy kitchen. Monday-Wednesday, clients bring their own balanced meals, and on Thursdays, Prosperity caters from a nearby restaurant!
Dietitians and clients get to focus on enjoying the food and the company, often playing word games, sharing funny stories or simply relaxing in the friendly, home-like atmosphere here at Prosperity.
  • Equine-Assisted Therapy:

A uniquely powerful and experiential approach to counseling, Equine Assisted Therapy offers clients the opportunity to work one-on-one with our herd of therapy horses.

Our therapy horses are non-judgmental, and live for the moment and its small joys (like carrots!). Clients practice establishing a healthy relationship with the horse(s). Issues such as trust, respect, authenticity, effective communication patterns, anxiety, relational disconnections, and coping with triggers can be addressed safely among the herd, offering in-the-moment practice for relationship skills.

  • Art Therapy and Expressive Therapy:

Offered independently and as part of our IOP sessions, Art and Expressive Therapy is a popular and uniquely creative group. It provides an opportunity to express ones thoughts  and feelings about clients bodies, beliefs, thoughts or feelings in a nonverbal manner, which often comes before one can express oneself verbally.

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