Give Back


 Prosperity Eating Disorder and Wellness Center has partnered with the Be Me Foundation to help those suffering get a chance at hope and life. 100% of all donations will go to providing men and women therapeutic services they are not able to afford. The sad realization is that treatment costs, largely are not covered by health insurance. It is devastating to see a family left heartbroken and bankrupt because the insurance company does not recognize an eating disorder as an illness. An eating disorder is a life-threatening, physical and mental illness that requires full and specialized treatment by professionals in the field. Not one man or woman should die a victim to this disease because their family is depleted of resources and unable to pay for treatment. The Be Me Foundation’s mission is to raise funds for treatment scholarships.

Will you help us? Will you donate $10? Will you share our widget on your Facebook and ask your friends/family/coworkers to donate $10? Will you email people? Tweet people? Will you ask people at the grocery store or your local faith community or school or business?! We believe these men and women are worth it. We believe that when EACH of us believes this, we will make a difference.We will stand with those suffering and in need of treatment and hope. We will honor them and love them. We will send the message to the world that we will not look away from their suffering any longer but will raise our voices to shout the truth that
There is hope!
***100% of what is raised will go towards this project! The cost for using Razoo/Credit Cards is 2.9%, if you’d like to add that to your gift, it would be much appreciated and help us reach our goal!

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