Sum of all parts

1186249_599800230062829_796542560_nAs far as I can think, everything has parts to it. The solar system, continents, our government, a business, a family, our body and even our own personality. When we talk about “our personality” we talk about it like it is one entity. But have you ever noticed, that you have a lot of different types of parts to your personality?
Maybe there are times when you can be laid-back and times when you are ultra competitive. Maybe a time when you are in control and show leadership traits and times when you are the student and an observer. I have noticed from patients that they also struggle with different parts of themselves that may be at conflict.. Such as, wanting to be loved, accepted and connected but there is another part that may be pushing him/her to be isolated, distant and disconnected.

What parts can you identify in you? What are the most helpful and what are the most hurtful? How did these parts develop?


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